Ruth Draper Monologues Ruth Draper Monologues Ruth Draper Monologues
Ruth Draper Monologues

Here's what Lily Tomlin, Tom Waits and other performers have to say about Ruth Draper.
The New York Times, November 26, 2000
"...a virtuoso of one-person theater." --Studs Terkel

Washington Post, February 21, 2001
"...solo performances so richly characterized, intricately detailed, knowing and hilarious that it seemed hard to believe they could all be the work of a single person." --Tim Page

Village Voice, July 11-17, 2001
"...the most important non-musical disc of the year..." --Michael Feingold
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San Francisco Chronicle, November 19, 2000
"...beautiful, vocally supple performances." --Steven Winn

LA Weekly, November 3-9, 2000
"These recordings are a gift..." --Steven Leigh Morris
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House & Garden, May 2001
"...designers are obsessed [with Draper]...hysterically funny..." --Dan Shaw

All Things Considered, November 10, 2000
Noah Adams interviews producer Susan Mulcahy
(Visit the archives at to hear the interview)

Newark Star-Ledger, December 4, 2000 contemporary audiences can experience Draper..." --Peter Filichia

Houston Chronicle, October 30, 2000
"She's a revelation." --Everett Evans

Minneapolis Star-Tribune, November 5, 2000
"Her talent is timeless." --Kristin Tillotson

New York Observer, November 20, 2000
"...the greatest of all monologists, the immortal Ruth Draper." --Michael M. Thomas

Baltimore Sun, December 18, 2000
"For connoisseurs of spoken-word recordings, you can't do better..." --J. Wynn Rousack

Philadelphia Inquirer, December 10, 2000
"...a series of flavorful, often funny 'monodramas'..." --Clifford A. Ridley

Time Out New York, November 2-8, 2000
" almost mythical figure in the solo performance world." --Nikki Weinstein

San Diego Union-Tribune, October 12, 2000
"A gem of a compilation..." --Anne Marie Welsh

St. Petersburg Times, October 22, 2000
"...prized by sophisticated theatergoers." --John Fleming
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MetroSource, April-May 2001
"...she embodied the multiple truths that define her characters so richly." --David Nellis

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